Shed-na-Mara is a workspace where people can get together to work on creative projects or repairing /repurposing used items. No experience necessary. Just come along and make something.

The Shed is run by community members for the benefit of the community. Any money raised by the Shed will go to maintaining and improving the Shed and its equipment.

Do you need something made like a gate or a picnic table? Ask the Shed. We have some capacity to take on projects for local residents by agreement. Our ability to take on projects is dependent on the volunteer time available. Why not come along and get involved yourself.

Do you want some help with a project or a repair? There is a significant amount of experience amongst the Shed members and you will usually find someone to help you with your project. Come in and discuss it. Shed members are always looking to learn from each other and will willingly share their knowledge. Every day is a school day.

Could something be repaired or refurbished that otherwise might be thrown out? Perhaps a chair needing some repair, garden equipment needing sharpened, a bicycle needing some attention, a lawn mower not working or an outboard needing some TLC. Bring it to the Shed and see if it can be repaired or up-cycled.

Shed volunteers give their time for free. If you are having something made or worked on you would pay for the cost of materials, as well as making a donation to the shed funds. Better still come along and get involved yourself.

Do you have any tools, material or equipment that you no longer need? Would you be happy to donate them to Shed-na-Mara?

The shed is normally open on Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00am till 1:00pm.

For more information or to discuss a project please call in to see us. Located behind Achnamara Village Hall.

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Repair it

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