Achnamara Rowing Club

The new Achnamara Rowing Club has been formed to build and then row a St Ayles Skiff. The build started in autumn 2018. The boat came in a kit form from Jordan Boats but still needed a lot of hard work by the community members to put the boat together. The boat is now nearing completion and should be on the water by summer 2022. Once the boat is launched we plan to row it on Loch Sween and also be able to take it to other villages around the area for friendly competition.  If you are interested in rowing please contact us via the Contact Page.

For more information on the skiff build story click here.

See the Skiff Award letter From Brendan O’Hara MP

Achnamara Wild Swimming

What better place for wild swimming than lovely Loch Sween. Given the enclosed nature of the loch it is generally a bit warmer that the open water outside the loch making it an ideal place for enjoying a sea swim. You can usually find someone swimming down at the pier at 5pm in the summer months. A hardy few continue throughout the winter with regular dips. For more information please use the Contact Page. For those wanting more wild swimming try Mid Argyll Wild Swimming on Facebook.

Kayaking on Loch Sween

Launch your Kayak from the shore on the south side of Achnamara and enjoy some spectacular scenery and wildlife whilst you paddle around upper Loch Sween. For a longer paddle head over to the beautiful Faery Isles or to Tayvallich.

Achnamara Moorings

Achnamara Moorings

The Achnamara Moorings Association manages mooring arrangements at the head of the loch near the village.  Click here for more information.  You can contact the Moorings Association with an e-mail to

Achnamara Fishing


For information on fishing in the area please contact:

Fyne Tackle Lochgilphead for fly fishing permits and information, or Seafield Farm.

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